E85 to be THE new standard fuel

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    I took this off another forum I'm part of, crank0r.com, it was posted by Crystallas.

    Have you been reading all this crap about E85. WTF... E85 isnt anything new, its the whole new-found agressive campagn to kickstart it that is new. Your going to see more and more commercials about it ect.

    First off.. E85 = good solution. The technology for it isnt at the same level as a high petrolium grade, but by no means will the tech devolve. Esspecially when you dont have to get it just from corn, you can get it from weeds that grow in your yard no matter what season it is, grass clippings, so many forms of renewable product.

    What pisses me off is that all the FFVs that can run it are **** for cars. Its more complicated than just changing the fuel system in existing cars too, so DIYers cant just go out and convert their cars that easily(even though in theory it seems possible *cough **********) I will admit though, some of the kits are pretty nice, they just arent good as a longterm solution to the motor enthusiast compared to some of the stock cars with FFV. The US is really LAGGING behind in this one.

    So heres the catch22. Carmakers are happy to say that they are working at more support. The goverment hasnt proposed anything yet to make this any form of standard. Oil companies show support for it at only 1.4% of the national gas stations(diesel is 73% and still can be a pain to get in some areas.) The only FFVs that exist are all vehicles that offer poor milage, and used this to draw in more buyers. Of 2006 models, only 11 engines have FFV support, smallest being the Mopar 2.7 v6 peice of crap.

    Mitsubishi, Toyota, GM all marketted possible sport-hybrid muscle cars for mid2005, early 2006. All of which have been discontiued.
    GM is going to spend $200 million dollars in marketting FFV, but GM only has 3 cars that can use the damn fuel.

    This is frustrating. I want to buy a new car. I dont want some peice of **** taurus, a pickup truck or SUV. I want your regular non-micro compact car(which makes up 44% of the automobile market, midsized, luxary,pickups and the ever popular SUV still make up for the other 56%)

    WTF is going on here? Everyone wants to get something standardized(Other than Gasoline) and we cant even manage to go forward.
    Ethynol isnt going to go away anytime soon. Everything else is to dangerous and/or expensive.

    So Im asking all fellows here. If you want the economy to get better, if you want to be able to cruise across the country again for the hell of it w/o spending a arm and leg on fuel. Vote E85, tell people to make a big deal about it. When it comes down to driving 40 minutes one way to work, and having to spend $40-250 of your paycheck just to earn a paycheck, we cant argue about stupid stanards anymore. Pick one, go somewhere with it. Waiting for the outcome aint gonna do you ****. Everyone needs to get a pro-stance on this. One way or the other. Make big stinks about it when appropriate. Supporting an issue like this will be more vital to your life than you could ever imagine. If you dont do it for yourself, do it for the soldiers in Iraq. Do it for the servicemembers that arent deployed anywhere, but might have to go to Iran if we cant fix this issue ourselves.

    Stop waiting on the politicians to do the right thing. They're so full of ****, why on earth would you wait on them.

    If you want. I'll even write up a template memo for you to email and snail mail your congressmen.
    BTW.. Online petitions dont do ****.

    I have decent contact with my senators and my representative. Im calling them this week, and Im going to email all 3 a letter that has the jist of this post included(of course, written in english, not netbonics like Im writing in now.) Of couse, letters that are more "playing to the judge" will be sent out to carmaker executives(although Im sure I will get auto-responce letters that talk about their past FFVs and current excuses for an attempt at relating to their audience. Maybe I should title those letters "Manipulate this."

    From an investors standpoint. There will be a fury of companies that are going to build all sorts of components to this new system. What does that mean? UP UP UP. Historically, when things like this happen, its only going to make us stronger. This is the SOLE solution that can bring a capitalist economy like the US out of this near wage slavery period. Boost the lower class, and help small businesses.

    So whos with me?

    for more information go to http://www.e85fuel.com/ Which is a piss poor, high school web design project, type of site. But still can get you some ideas of whats up.

    Ethynol for cars, Ethynol hybrids technology will evolve for cars to take it to another esxtreme. Biodeisel for tractor/semis. Wind/Solar for consumer. And leave everything else for industrial. And each one of these renewable sources are improving every year, while the costs of every other source of power is increasing.
    BTW. Im not an enviromentalist. Im just neither stupid or lazy, and I dont think Americans are as stupid and as lazy as the world likes to make us seem.
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    Mar 9, 2005
    E85 is an all natural fuel source made mostly from corn. E stands for ethanol.
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    E85 is a blend of gasoline and ethanol, with 70-85% alcohol. The gasohol from the 1970s was just about the opposite (about 10% alcohol).

    "All natural" is marketing fiction. In addition to the 15-30% gasoline, the vegetable matter is of course produced using petroleum-based fertilizer, and maintained, harvested and distilled using petroleum-powered equipment.

    The main advantage right now of the fuel is that it helps to counteract the grain overproduction encouraged by farm subsidies. The energy that would otherwise have been wasted on unused crops can be repurposed into fuel.

    In theory, this fuel could be worked back into growing the plants and eliminate a lot of the petrolueum use, but that's not really happening right now.
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    Mar 9, 2005

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