Earbud (NOT in-ear) recommendations for iPhone please

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Fiercehairdo, Jun 15, 2011.

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    I hate in-ear headphones. I really don't see why they're so popular. It's like wearing earplugs. They are uncomfortable, and although reducing external noises they increase internal ones! They create that horrible, muffled underwater sensation. Any movement on the cord creates loud noise in the earphone. Also, if someone calls me and I speak via the earphones mic my voice sounds muffled (to me). It's distracting and unpleasant. Besides I don't want to be THAT isolated from my environment. If a truck's gonna run me over there's a chance I'll still here in time with regular earphones but with in-ear phones you're dead.
    So, I need some recommendations for good earbud earphones (not in-ear) like the ones that ship with the iPhone but better quality. Any suggestions?
    Must have mic for iPhone use.
  2. labman, Jun 15, 2011
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    my daughter agrees with you. However finding a really good pair is challenging. I told it's much harder to design a pair or quality earbuds vs iem's. she like Skull candy's forget the model also JVC Gummi's, Sony Mdr-E10Lp there all $10-20 but way better then the Apple earbuds. I honestly like to find her a better pair myself for her birthday. I have no personal experience I'm with the IEM crowd. the key there is to get a correct fit and you can get them without noise isolation. but she agrees with you 100%

    Also just found these might be the next pair I try for my daughter


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