Early 09 vs. Mid 09 17" MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Aboo, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Hi Folks,

    I wanted to ask a quick question about the 17" MBPs. I know that the 17" were released during the Macworld Keynote in Jan 09, but only began shipping in Feb 2009. These early models were equipped with the 2.66 GHz processor (on the base, non-CTO configs). Apple however updated the 17" MBPs in June of 2009. As of the mid-09 update, the 17" models had the 2.8 GHz processor on the base, non-CTO configs. Were there any subtle changes (perhaps not mentioned in any of the marketing materials) that occured with mid-09 update? For example, I know that the early 09 17" models suffered from some of the screen warping issues, but was this perhaps addressed in the mid-09 update?

    Basically, I am planning on getting a 17" for my parents and am trying to decide if the extra $150 between the two models is justified.

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    The revisions account for small hardware changes and nothing else. In terms of cosmetic flaws, you can get them with any computer at any time and are not usually addressed unless it's a widespread issue (see: yellow tint in the iMac). Warped enclosures are defects but are not common so if you decide to exchange it, chances are you won't get another one with the same problem.
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    Thanks iLog. I just wanted to make sure that the difference really only was the processor and perhaps the hard drive.

    I think I will just go ahead and get the early 09 revision.

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