Early 2008 Mac Pro Video Card Choices?!

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by shinchook, Jun 5, 2008.

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    May 13, 2008
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    Ok... So I don't know if this really is me venting or bringing up a concern that others are also thinking but here goes.

    I have a Mac Pro with the 8800GT 512. This is a very capable card and I love playing games like Crysis, WoW, and Age of Conan with it, but i can't stop myself from thinking about how well a more graphic intensive game like Age of Conan would run if there was a better consumer priced video card available. I know apple likes to be in control of what gets put in their computers but at the same time don't they see the need and want of the consumer?

    I read all the time about people trying to hack the firmware on other video cards to work on their mac pros and setting up SLI with windows using boot camp... I mean... come on! When people are willing to open the computer up and run SLI every time the boot up windows to play games and then change the card back to boot into os x, don't you think it would be profitable to gain access to more of a variety of cards?

    I would, in a heartbeat, take the 8800GT out and replace it with a more powerful 1GB card.

    **Now before anyone else says it... I know there is another card out there that is 1.5GB but at the same time... well... lets see... what's the price of that card? And, not to mention, it isn't available in an upgrade kit you can only get it BTO when you purchase.**

    Just saying it would be nice to gain access to faster cards at a more reasonable price like PC users.

    Anyone else share this thought? :confused:
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    This always, has been the case with Apple and their choice of gfx cards.
    They never really gave us any decent options for gaming. This 8800 by nivida is the best bto option. For any form of gaming, we have yet to see.

    They don't sell the pro to people, so they can play games. The pro is designed as a workstation. The cards that they have included. Or offered as a bto or add on. Have always been sufficient, or even great for most people's needs. Just not gaming.

    In fact look at the 8800 now. It's great for gaming, but losses out when it comes to core imaging, when used with cretin pro apps. Which is kinda of a bummer.
    I think apple did bring this card out to please us costumer's, with gaming on our minds. and at the same time still being a card for professional work related use.
    I say, if you want to do gaming. Get a p.c. or buy a console.
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    Dec 19, 2004
    This is an oft posted lament here, just search for headless imac. Mainly Apple just does not see a need for all of the card options probably because they figure most gamers would not fork out enough cash for a Mac Pro. Since the Mac Pro also uses server parts it is not really designed for gaming.

    What I do find odd though is why one of the struggling third party vendors like EVGA of Sapphire do not release the full line-up of ATI and nVidia cards for the Mac Pro. Given the competition for video card sales on the Windows side you would think this would be an easy way to double sales or more. Probably more so since they could easily raise the price 10-20%, being the only option, and rake in huge profits compared to the 2% being rung out on Windows cards.

    As can be seen with people hacking PC's to run Mac OS X it is not too difficult getting default drivers in OS X to work with other card models. Both nVidia and ATI could easily modify their drivers to include all card models. The only missing part of the formula is a card vendor or ATI and nVidia themselves making the cards firmware functional with Apples Motherboards.

    This firmware compatibility I suppose would not be to difficult to implement either since people a strangedogs hack the firmware of various cards and get them to work.

    Of course I must add the obligitory:
    Apple Headless iMac Please,
    No laptop components
    Desktop Core 2 Duo and Quadro
    Overclocking unlocked
    4 x DDR2 1200
    nVidia 780a chipset
    Quad SLI capable
    nVidia RAID 0/1/5/10
    6 Port SATA II
    Cheap case with option to get a nice one
    make wireless optional
    Blu Ray support (HDCP cracked so we can use current displays)

    Heck with it make OS X available for use in any PC:cool:.
  4. ventro macrumors 6502a

    Sep 23, 2006
  5. frankiee macrumors member

    May 31, 2008
    would also LOVE to have a 1GB 8800 in my Mac Pro. But apparently this does not work by just flashing the original 8800 ROM. On the other Hand, adapting the BIOS (both Mac and PC parts) to properly recognize 1GB should not be _that_ difficult if the person knows what to do. But AFAIK no one has tried yet. Anyone dares?

    I also actually talked to some people of Gainward and I suggested that they evaluate producing "high-end" cards for Mac Pro Users. Maybe you should suggest that to them, too ;)

    PS: the Mac Pro might not be designed for gaming, but it is very suitable for that! Apart from GPU Choices, maybe ...

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