Early 2008 Mac Pro won't boot though there is a chime


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Feb 11, 2008
My Mac Pro decided this morning not to boot. It worked last night.

There's a chime when I turn it on but the computer doesn't boot.

The boot drive consists of two striped SSDs on a Sonnet Tempo. I have removed the card and tried booting from my backup Snow Leopard SSD (also in the computer) but no joy. I have connected the Snow Leopard SSD to my Macbook to verify that it is fine, which it is.

The screen doesn't come on either. I have connected the screen to my Macbook and it works. I have changed the gfx card (original nVidia card) to another slot without improvement.

I have reset PRAM to no avail, and checked that the little 2032 battery is ok, which it is.

1. I have moved RAM sticks around, tried two at the time, however without improvement. This made me wonder if the RAM risers are faulty but how can I tell that? The four red LEDs light up very briefly upon boot on both risers. I thought that was a sign that they are "on" and working - or is that a sign that they are faulty?

2. And this is odd -- my Wacom trackpad seems not to work, regardless if I plug it in in a front USB, rear USB or the ACD's USB. However it works when I connect it to my Macbook. And, weirdly, the USB ports appear fine because they do power up my external hard drive.

3. I guess the gfx card could be broken - is there any way to connect the Mac Pro to my Macbook (late 2013 MBPr) to check that the computer is OK?

I can't open the DVD drive to boot from a DVD and the computer doesn't react to any keyboard commands during boot, such as startup manager or recovery system.

Thanks for any insight, esp on the blue parts


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Mar 15, 2013
I'm having a similar problem with my 2006 Mac Pro. I noticed, however, that you're not getting any video? Could it perhaps be a graphics card issue?
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