Early 2009 MacBook backlight problems?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by dandeco, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Dec 5, 2008
    My early 2009 MacBook is having a bit of trouble with the display backlight. Nowadays in order to get the backlight to turn on I need to fiddle around with the display until it comes on, then I have to keep it steady or it may go out again. I have traced the problem to the backlight, because when my screen blacks out if I look real closely or shine a light on it, I can see the stuff on the screen.

    I know this can be fixed. I do not want to risk opening the MacBook to do so, because I could probably break something (this once happened when I attempted to repair a PowerBook G4; I wound up disabling the Wi-Fi.) I did hear from someone who had the same problem with the same model early this year, he took it to his nearest Apple Store, and even though it was no longer under warranty, it only cost $45 for the inverter to be replaced! (It also had a chipped palmrest and that helped with the fee too; mine has a somewhat chipped palmrest as well.) Does Apple really do something like that, or would I be better off with a local computer repair shop?
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    From the symptoms you are describing it sounds more like the inverter to logic board cable that is damaged - cheap but not so easy to replace.

    Best bet is to take to a Genius Bar at an Apple Store and see what they think.

    If your topcase is damaged (cracked) in the normal place along the front edges then you may be able to get the inverter cable replaced for a reduced labour charge since the MacBook will be opened up to replace the top case anyway.
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    Dec 5, 2008
    OK, I took it to the Apple Store, and had the problem fixed in only a day! Only cost me $45, too. Surprised by that, especially since this is an out-of-warranty MacBook.
    This was my first customer service experience with Apple Computer, and I must say, I was pleased!

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