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Original poster
Mar 31, 2011
Early 15.4 Macbook pro running at 2.0 GHZ quad core

the bad:
- amd radeon 6490m GPU at only 256mb gddr5

the good:

-crucial 512gb ssd
-16gb ram
-1680x1050 hi res screen

for $1050.

Is this a steal, or just a good deal? thanks.


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May 16, 2011
It's a good deal.

The SSD is probably worth around $250 and the memory around $100. You have to take into consideration that the SSD is replacing a 500GB hard drive (or thereabouts) that would be in the computer otherwise. I'd put a value of $50 on the 500GB hard drive.

Not sure how much memory that system comes with from the factory but if it's 8GB, then another 8GB would cost you around $50.

So the total benefits of the upgrades would be $350-$100 which would give you $250. Deduct $250 from the price and you get $800 for the base system. It's a good deal but nothing stellar.
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