Early 2011 Macbook Pro Logic Board problems

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    I have been driving myself nuts with this water damage macbook pro. I have already fixed to no video problem, and the usb's not working. Now I am left with the infamous no charging problem. I have read threw a ton of forums here and elsewhere as well. My problem is defiantly not software a SMC reset does nothing.

    Things I have done so far:

    Cleaned the board with 99.9% alcohol

    I bought the schematic for it and traced everything to do with the charging circuit that I could find. There are a couple of sections that I am unable to locate on the board, like "U6990". If someone could show me a picture of what it looks like I could find it pretty easy.

    The weird thing is I have 16.45v readings all the way down not even and inch from the battery connector but only 2 pins read 3.45v on the battery connectors pins 4 & 5 if I remember right.

    The computers boots from battery power and will run off AC power as well. The fans is at full speed but everything else work just not the charging circuit.

    I have tried different magsafe power cord and adapter the connect to logic board. I have cleaned the charger pins on both the cord and the adapter, done SMC reset a few times, I swapped out the battery for a know good one.

    I know it is something in the charging circuit that is either shorted out or carotid or maybe a fuse blown but again like I said above I am having a hard time identifying all the components of the circuit.

    OH the logic board is a early 2011 Macbook pro 13" with the core i5 cpu 2.3GHz
    Board is the ( K90i )

    I know there is a ton of threads on this topic in here I just didn't want to hi-Jack someones thread and I couldn't find a thread specific to this logic board. Thanks in advance for any help someone can give me. Happy Holidays

    I attached some pictures [MOD NOTE: schematic removed]

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