early 2011 macbook pro suddenly unresponsive

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by chaosrealm93, Feb 13, 2014.

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    Hey guys, here's the story:

    its an early 2011 macbook pro. worked fine up till 2 months ago when the hard drive started making chirping sounds when i would resume from sleep. i bought an SSD (samsung 840 evo) to replace the drive and fresh installed os mavericks. i didnt have any problems until today. i literally came home from school, opened the lid to wake the machine from sleep and it became impossibly slow. not just a few select programs, but nothing on the computer seemed to respond. boots and restarts take minuted, logins take longer and even the volume keys takes a good minute to respond. i tried the "hold shift control option and power for 10 seconds" trick, verify and repair disk, antivirus scans, removing startup items.. nothing. i even ran benchmarks on the SSD thinking i bought a lemon, but the read and write speeds came back typical for an SSD (400+r/300+w).

    any guesses to the cause?
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    fans are at idle and temperatures are normal. activity monitor is showing 98% is at idle.

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