Early 2011 MBA Benchmarks

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    Bare Feats benchmarks via Daring Fireball.

    2011 MacBook Air Core i7 with 4G of RAM and a 256G SSD compared to last year's top MacBook Air and two 2011 MacBook Pros.

    Take away: "The 2011 MacBook Air Core i7 is twice as fast as the 2010 MacBook Air Core 2 Duo in three of the four tests we featured on this page."
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    Mar 28, 2011
    Wow! By my calculations I thought the new machines would be 33%-50% faster. 100% faster is really nuts... it must be a faster SSD?

    The outlier of those 4 tests is FPS in a video game. Where the new MBA was only a couple frames per second better than the 2010 MBA. I still think that is quite remarkable consdiering how lousy the ULV SB IGP is compared to the 2010 MBA's discrete graphics. They must have pulled out all the stops in writting the drivers for it. WOW
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    i luv barefeats. thanks for posting!


    are we still in this much CPU denial?

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