Early Mbp Update! Mb Update Later!

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    Jun 20, 2008
    This is the full article, but let me just point out the important part:

    "Instead, on July 14, Intel will offer a "PM" version for discrete (stand-alone) graphics chips only, Brown said. The July 14 version of the chipset can be used with discrete graphics chips from Nvidia and AMD-ATI, for example, but will not have Intel integrated graphics."

    Or will they wait until they can update both? :(

    "The "GM" version that includes the Intel integrated graphics will not be available until early August. "It will be ramping by August 5," Brown said. The two initial versions of the chipset with Intel integrated graphics are the GM45 and GM47. Intel will also make available its updated Wi-Fi technology called "Shirley Peak" in August, she said."
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    This is actually old news. Most ppl have known about it for a while now.

    Still exciting!

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