Easier way to sync Gcal colors via Activesync

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    This'll work only for Gcal calendars you've created, and I haven't been able to get subscribed Gcal calendars color coded the way I want. There are however the following colors for ActiveSync: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, and purple. So 7 colors, which means for user created calendars, you'll be able to have seven different color coded calendars.

    I've been trying to figure out how to sync my Gcal calendars to my iPhone's native calendar and keep the colors intact. WebDAV does that, but I found webDAV to be unreliable, as some events that I entered just didn't sync to Gcal. ActiveSync just didn't keep the same colors, my red calendar would be brown, and my blue calendar yellow. I'd just accept them that way were the colors not hardwired into my head.

    In case you don't have ActiveSync set up, go to the url to get directions on setting it up. http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/answer.py?answer=138740&topic=14252

    If you've got that all set up, as you know you can sync up to 25 calendars via ActiveSync, and all the color cycling that some people do to get the colors the way you want them is just far too time consuming and frustrating, and I gave up after trying to cycle for my second calendar for the fifth time but still getting the same color (brown for my blue calendar). To me the iPhone is just randomly picking colors, and often repeating colors up to three or four times before syncing the fifth calendar with a different but still very incorrect color. Save yourself a headache and just sync them as follows.

    Export all your Gcal calendars (Settings link under 'My calendars', scroll down and hit 'Export calendars').


    Then in Gcal just create a whole lot of new empty dummy calendars. I named mine Dummy 1 all the way up to Dummy 16.

    Now on your iPhone Safari browser, go to the following URL and select all your calendars including all the dummy calendars you just created. http://m.google.com/sync.

    Tap on Sync. You may have to sign in.

    It'll take you to this page. Tap on the iPhone, I have two iPhone's syncing to my account, my wife's and mine, so I'll just tap mine.

    You'll be taken here. Turn on all the calendars including your dummy calendars. I'll be deleting unnecessary and dummy calendars after I post this. Be sure to tap 'Save', you'll go to the previous screen after you've tapped 'Save'

    Now open up your iPhone Native Calendar and click on Calendar in the upper left corner.

    On this screen, wait for your Native Calendar to finish syncing all your calendars, then choose a dummy calendar that has the color you want for one of your calendars. 'Dummy 4' calendar was blue, and that's the color I wanted for my 'Private Students' calendar.

    Go back into Gcal your Desktop web browser, and go back to this screen.

    Click on Import calendar, browse your computer to find your Gcal exported calendars, open that up, find the calendar you want, and import that into the dummy calendar with color you want for that calendar. Delete original Gcal calendar, and rename the dummy calendar with the name you had for that calendar before.

    So for example, 'Dummy 4' calendar on my iPhone turned out blue, the color I want my 'Private Students' calendar', so I import from my desktop my Gcal exported 'Private Students' ics file into the 'Dummy 4' Calendar. Delete 'Private Students' from Gcal, and rename 'Dummy 4' calendar to 'Private Students'.

    Repeat importing, deleting, and renaming dummy calendars for all your other calendars.

    You'll probably have to choose the right colors for your Gcal calendars again in Gcal. That's easy enough. Just click on the small down arrow in your calendar list, and select a new color.

    And now all of my calendar apps that sync to my iPhone Native Calendar are all color coded the way I want them.

    [app]Pocket Informant[/app] - [app]Week Calendar[/app] - [app]SaiSuke[/app] - [app]Calvetica[/app]

    Not very clear I suppose, hopefully it helps someone though.
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    Brilliant idea and it does work like charm. Thank you so much!
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    Thanks for that. Just insane to have to go through all that, however, for something that should be so simple.

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