Apple TV Easiest Jailbreak?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Ifti, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Dec 14, 2010
    Since I only ever use my PS3 to stream movies from my Synology NAS (via DLNA/uPNP), I'm considering selling the PS3 and getting an Apple TV2 instead. As I said, all I need it to really do is stream DivX movies from my DLNA enabled NAS.

    In order to do this I understand I will need to Jailbreak the ATV2 to install XBMC.

    I've seen tutorials using a program named GreenPois0n (I have a MBP) which should jailbreak quite easily, and allow me to install NitoTv and XBMC?

    Will this then allow me to stream my movies from my NAS straight to my ATV2?
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    Apr 18, 2008
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    It sort of depends on what version if the IPSW you are running. Greenp0ison is by far the easiest, but it doesn't (yet) support the latest version.

    If you have the latest version, seas0npass is the easiest jailbreak, but, in my opinion, much harder to use after the jailbreak is done, as you have to manually install software (i.e. you need to be comfortable with SSH and terminal).

    On the other hand, pwnage tools make a custon IPSW that already has NitoTV, Cydia, and OpenSSH installed. This makes further software installs much easier, though using pwnage tool takes a bit of knowledge up front.

    There are plenty of posts on how to do both. I have always been loyal to the Dev Team though. Oldest in the JB business and often the most complete solutions are provided by the Dev Team.

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