easily scratched glass on iPhone 4?

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    I keep running into people who complain that the glass Apple is using for iPhone 4 is prone to scratches...I have plans to get the iPhone 4 when it's released on verizon and I have to wonder how this is possible? I thought the glass Apple is using is much stronger than the glass they used to use before.

    I've had an iPod touch since 2009 and there isn't a single scratch on the glass screen, and I have never protected it. Why would the 4's glass be prone to scratches?
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    Define scratch

    I got my iPhone 4 in Sept and have used it mostly without a case; bumper on occasion, plastic wrap at work. Keep it in my pants pocket without anything else and while there are a few scratches, they are only visible on close inspection under bright lights. Even then i think the oleophobic coating is scratched rather than the glass itself. I see no reason why scratches should be a concern unless you are obsessive compulsive or need to use it in a hostile environment.
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    I've had mine since launch, I usually have in my pocket with my headphones. Didn't notice any scratches so far. I put a Power Support Anti-Glare screen protector on last week, but its always been fine without one
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    I scratched my iPhone 4's screen on the 3rd day I had it. I kept it in my pocket the whole time without headphones or anything else.

    I went out and got an InvisibleShield screen protector and haven't looked back.
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