Eastview Mall in Victor, NY - Apple Store iPad camp out 2012

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    UPDATE 1: Spoke to an Apple Store rep and he said they were not told any official word yet. But he is 99% sure it will be at 8am. He said usually the mall doors will open at 6am during such an event for people to come inside and start queuing in line.

    7979 Pittsford Victor Road
    Victor, NY 14564

    Quickest entrance to Apple Store:
    Go through the main entrance (See pick above) and take your first right.

    The store will be open at 8am on Fri 3/16.

    For instore pickups, please be sure to being the following:
    - Drivers license or photo ID
    - Credit card which you placed the order with
    - Print out the confirmation email.
    NOTE: Do not go to the store until you receive confirmation for you to pick up your iPad. Just showing up to the store without this confirmation, they will not give you your iPad.

    For campers:
    - Bring a chair if you don't feel like standing.
    - Free Wi-Fi is available but can get very slow. When I was at last years iPad campout, the Wi-Fi got super slow with just about 10 people connecting to it. I was getting about 0.25 mbps.
    - Security is good in this mall, so don't be afraid to bring your electronics.
    - Bring a bottled water.
    - Bathrooms are located in the main entrance (see pic above) on the left. Politely ask the person next to you if they can watch your spot. Please do the same for them.
    - Poweroutlets are not available. Please make sure to fully charge your laptops and cell phones.

    The Apple Store will have supplies for people who did not pre-order for in-store pickup. However those supplies probably won't be as plentiful as last years because of the online pick up options this year. Last year the store got about 600 iPads and sold out at 8pm time (Last year, they started selling them at 5pm with no in-store pick up option). If I had to take a guess, i'm guessing they might have 300-400 iPads for general public selling.

    From past history of iPad sales, Apple Stores will have the least supply of 4G models. Even more so less plentiful will be the 64GB 4G models. If you absolutely need the 4G models, you better get in line as soon as you can.

    Q: I didn't pre-order, can I line up at the Apple Store?
    A: Yes. The earlier, the better. The Apple Store will have supplies for the general public.

    Q: How long does it take to check out?
    A: It takes about 5 minutes. On launch days, the Apple Store makes every employee work that day. They are very quick at checking people out. You will be given the typical sales pitch of warranty and Smart Cover's.

    Q: I did in-store pick up, how does that work?
    A: Apple will hold the item for you to pick up on 3/16. But be sure you received an email from Apple indicating your iPad is ready for pick up. If its not ready, they will not give you your iPad!

    Q: How many people usually camp out?
    A: For last years iPad, the line stretched from the store all the way back to Macy's... Someone in my line actually counted and she said it was about 650 (4pm). I'm guessing about 800-1200 people by the time the store opened to sell at 5pm.

    Mark Uhlrich
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    So if you were in line by 4 last year you got an ipad, it just took 3 hours to get through the line? I won't be there, but I have a few friends that are gonna be there and are trying to plan it out.
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    AT&T LTE info:

    I spoke to a AT&T manager at a corporate store and he said LTE will be coming to the Rochester area sometime in September or October of this year (2012)
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    Wasn't there for iPad 2 or 4S launches, but was there for iPhone 4. Basically some guy tried to set up a ticket system outside the store for a line and then when mall security opened the doors, people literally just ran to the Apple store. Should I expect the same?
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