Easy Biller- Smooth app for tracking billable hours.

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    Dec 9, 2009
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    Do you live your work day in six minute increments? Do you sometimes lose track of time when you’re on the go? Easy Biller is here to help. What does this app do?

    - Calculates billable hours with a variety of tools including a timer and start/stop time converter

    - Tracks your daily, weekly and monthly billable hours totals

    - Organizes time entries by client and case names and numbers: enter as much or little detail as you prefer

    - Allows you to enter detailed descriptions of your time – Produces an easy-to-read, emailable table of your time entries at the end of each day

    -Also includes a handy converter for figuring out hours without adding new entry to database. No more losing track of time or forgetting what you worked on.

    Update 1.1
    -The “Save” button has been removed! All entered data should now save automatically after being put in. Events now no longer need to be saved after creation to be added to the database, simply tapping “New Event” automatically creates a new saved entry.

    -The method of associating a Client / File with an event has changed. Instead of text fields these values are now labels and to change a Client/File tap the associated button (ie “Change Client”) which will bring up the Client display and then all you have to do is tap the desired Client. No more having to repeat type out Client names, just two screen taps! -To add new clients simply view Clients through the normal “View Clients” button or “Change Client” and press the “+” in the upper right corner.

    -When using the method of entering in two times (eg 1:00pm and 3:15pm) to calculate billable hours, calculations are now done each time text is successfully changed in one of the text fields. The “Total” button has been removed.

    -In the table view of Events an “Edit” button has been added to assist users with deletion of events if they were not familiar with the already in place “swipe” delete gesture.

    -Background image updates

    -Button updates.
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    Dec 9, 2009
    Update 1.2

    Some good stuff, including an icon that is way nicer, requested emailing features and performance improvements.

    -Users can now change the date of an event from the default of the day it was created.
    -Now has the option of emailing out a table of the billable hours for any selected date.
    -Users can now also email a table of all the events for a specific File.
    -The totals screen should additionally display current hours billed for the year.
    -Icon update
    -Stability/Performance enhancements

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