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Discussion in 'macOS' started by HappyDude20, Jan 4, 2009.

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    I'm a college student who for the past 2 years have just used the online Wamu and Citi banking transaction history to see where I stand in my finance.

    I'd like to change that and really get on top of my finances.

    Initially I purchased an app on the iPhone to do so but quickly realized it sucked and need a suitable app within my Macbook to do the job. Which is where you guys come in.

    So far i've downloaded Quicken 2007, Cha-Ching, MoneyDance and MoneyWell but perhaps since i've never worked with ANY finance app in the past, I find them hard to use.

    I download QIF or QFX files from both my WaMu and Citi accounts online and import them into these applications but can't seem to get it right, or at the very least understand what's going on.

    So i'm wondering what you consider the best app for a beginner to be or overall the best app to use.

    I just wanna see what I spend, how much I spend and where I can sent budgets and well, initially be on top of my spendings.
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    I have used Quicken for years
    It functions just like a checkbook register

    I don't use all the fluff... I just keep it simple and clean

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