Easy Fix for loose metal strip in wireless mouse

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by zootman55, Mar 14, 2008.

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    Mar 14, 2008
    I recently bought a used wireless mac keyboard & mouse. The seller neglected to mention the metal strip inside the battery cover was completely separated from the battery cover. I noticed that the only function of the metal strip was to actuate the small plastic switch near the laser port..... very clever. The strip can be easily re-attached using some good quality contact cement. Contact cement is preferable over super glue because it retains a certain amount of flexibility while super glue becomes brittle when it dries.

    Be sure to position the strip correctly.... the side with the small white patch goes against the battery cover. Very carefully apply a VERY THIN coat of glue to the center section of the metal strip....(area below the small white patch.... down to and covering the two tiny holes, stopping before the large circular opening). DO NOT SLATHER GOBBS OF GLUE ON THE WHOLE STRIP OR ON THE WHITE PATCH.

    Next apply a VERY THIN amount of glue to the corresponding area on the Battery Cover..... cover the two small pins stopping about 3/4" from the large circular hole. DO NOT GLUE THE AREA SURROUNDING THE TWO THIN PROTRUDING TABS.

    Most contact cement brands require a short curing period before joining the pieces. Mine was a max of 15 minutes. WAIT....WAIT....WAIT. OK... NOW!!! Press the glued metal strip to the battery cover...... making sure the pins go through the holes & the tabs go through the slots. Apply firm finger pressure to be sure the glued pieces make good contact. Hold it for about a minute. Place the battery cover back on the mouse and you're good for a few years or at least until the mouse falls to the tiled floor and shatters to a four or five large pieces.
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    I thought there was going to be a question in there somewhere. Good to know contact cement is better than super glue. ;)
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    thanks for the cute reply

    hi jess.... thanks for the cute reply! Here's a question.... are you bored or did your vibrator bust from over use? Oooops.... can I say vibrator on this forum? Wow.... ANOTHER question....well you got two for the price of one. Must be your lucky day! ;->
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    Very helpful!

    Thanks for very helpful posting on metal strip inside apple wireless mouse. It had fallen apart on me, and I had no idea how the strip went back inside. Your details of what type of glue is best, exactly where to glue so as to not mess up the mechanism, and how to orient strip back in mouse was just what I needed to know. So much so, I took time to register to macrumors just so I could say thanks!
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    Glad the info was helpful.

    I'm glad the information was helpful. Even Apple's stuff breaks sometimes.
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    What a long post. I thought there was going to be a question in there somewhere. Good to know about rubber cement and the 30 steps necessary to use it, Dad.


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