Easy (for someone) Gg vs 3G(s) questions.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Stokes, Jul 27, 2009.

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    Hey Folks!
    I have a iPhone 3G. I want a 3G(s).

    A friend of mine is on AT&T already. She has some POS Sony Walkman phone and wants an iPhone.

    We've worked out a tenative deal, if this will work.

    I'll pay for her to get a new 3G(s), if she'll give it to me, and I give her my 3G. This way, she gets a free iPhone, and I get the (s) model I want even though I'm not eligable for the upgrade.

    She understands the data plans and what it will do to her rate. She just doesn't want to cough up cold hard cash for the phone (and, quite frankly, I think she's doing this as a favor to me).

    Now, can we do this? Would it be as simple as swapping out our SIM cards?
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