Easy Handbrake Question


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Mar 8, 2012
I'm trying to rip multiple dvds of a conference, and I only want certain segments...the thing is, sometimes it takes forever to scan the dvd and sometimes it takes mere seconds...
I have a Mac G5, why does this happen? is there another program I could use that will do the same thing with less hassle?

Mr. Retrofire

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Mar 2, 2010
Have you checked the "Turbo scan box?
The "Turbo first pass" option has nothing to do with DVDs. It is an option in most encoders (XVID, x264 and ffmpeg-CoDecs), which disables time consuming encoding options, which are not necessary in a first encoding pass to collect sufficient data for the second encoding pass.

Most encoder GUIs have this option because they use software encoders (not hardware). Hardware encoders such as Intels QuickSync (H.264 encoder) do not need the "Turbo first pass" option.