Easy router to setup


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Oct 18, 2015
I need a simple,easy to setup router to get internet to the front porch.running cable from modem to the porch and only need about 50 foot range at best.house has double brick walls and signal will not go through it.


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Jul 8, 2013
need more info here. what is your current network configuration. Do you have a modem and/or router you are already using? If you already have a router, no need to add a second one. Just run a line from it to your porch... unless I am missing something?


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Aug 27, 2015
on the land line mr. smith.
Agreed, more info would help.

Brick walls can be a challenge...you could buy a top-notch wireless router, and still have issues. No way to easily say.

If there is a power outlet somewhere in the area, powerline adapters would be a good choice (assuming you can't easily run a data cable). From the powerline adapter, you can plug in access point/range extender.

The other option would be a true mesh (wireless) setup...but for mesh to work well, each AP needs good reception...so that may be risky too, unless you can strategically get a signal through a door or down a hall.