Easy way to clip an image in InDesign?


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Aug 31, 2011
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We have a customer running ads with us that is part of a franchise, so I have to replicate the ad materials they send the customer (and he passes on to us). One of their 'things' is to clip out a certain portion of an image and have it run above a colored box, which is above the rest of the image.

What I normally do is place the image, put the colored box above it and then make an Alpha Channel of the portion to clip out (in Photoshop) and then duplicate the image. Then I bring that duplicated image to the front and apply the alpha channel.

The result is that I'm dealing with two image frames that have the same image. One behind the colored box and one above with the one above having the alpha channel.

Is there an easier way to do this? Preferably with just ONE image frame? I'm thinking something to do with layers in the image (I use a PSD).

I know enough about Photoshop to do my job but I'm no expert.

Attached is an image so you can see what I am getting at. The part of the decoration clipping into the colored box is what I'm meaning here.

Any advice appreciated. I just feel like this is a hack job and there's got to be a better (slicker) way to do this!

PS. Using InDesign CC18 and Photoshop CC18.



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Jul 24, 2019
1.Get sure you hold the two objects in the corresponding layer: The shape object plus the file object.
.The shape object defines the shape viewed after the clipping mask is created.
.The fill object defines the fill of the pattern viewed after the clipping mask is created.
2.Choose the fill object.
3.Continue to the ‘Edit’ pull-down list, and select ‘Cut’
4.Choose the shape object
5.Continue to the ‘Edit’ pull-down list repeatedly, and select Paste-In