Easy way to combine a bunch of separate PDF's into one file?

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    I don't need to edit them at all (which is why I'd rather not import them into pages or something) but just need to make one file from a bunch of separate PDF's of varying lengths.

    Is there an easy way to do that?
    A particular app or something I should get?

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    Jul 8, 2011
    Open all the PDF's at the same time that you would like combined together in Preview. Once opened, hit CMD+P. This will open your print dialogue box. In the bottom left corner you will see a PDF option you can click on. Click on it and then Save As PDF. Easiest way I know other than owning Acrobat Pro. Screenshot below.

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    You can also drag and drop in the Preview Thumbnail view to arrange pages, delete pages, and insert pages.
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    I have a question about combining multiple (numbered) files using Acrobat Pro "Combine Files" option.

    Selecting numbered pdf's. NOTE check the 01-02-03 numbering


    But adding the selected files in the Acrobat dialog using "Adding Files" I get the following sorting of the numbered files:

    Resulting in a combined PDF file with screwed-up numbering so I have to manually rearrange the pages 02 to 09. Is there an option to change the way Acrobat handles file numbering?

    TIA & Cheers

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