Eavesdropping iPhone - extremely strange behavior!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by david06, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. david06 macrumors member

    Jun 19, 2006
    I recently upgraded from a iPhone 3G to iPhone 4. There have been two occurrences (that I know of) of very odd behavior:

    1) Yesterday, I'm sitting at a restaurant having a conversation. Someone, we'll say Bob, calls my phone and I don't hear it ring. Somehow the phone answers on its own and Bob can hear my conversation which is occurring in real life through the phone. There was nothing else in my pocket with the phone. This type of failure happened twice, separated by hours, yesterday.

    2) Today, I was talking to someone we'll call Mike over the phone while in my car and the phone was paired to the car's bluetooth system. Someone we'll call Fred called me. Without me becoming aware of it, the phone answered. Fred could hear my conversation with Mike but could not talk to me - if Fred spoke, I couldn't hear him.

    In reality, I'm not the one having these problems, it's my dad, but just to describe them easier, I'm did it this way. It wouldn't surprised me if he mashed buttons when he doesn't know what they do but I cannot understand which settings could ever cause these behaviors. I cannot think of ANYTHING which would cause these behaviors and would be interested in any explanations for what could cause these two incidents and how to fix them. This is very worrying, since the iPhone is effectively behaving as a "bug" and allowing people to hear conversations they're not supposed to without him being aware of it.
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    Any chance your dad is "pocket dialing"?
    Also, does his bluetooth call the most recent number when he double taps it? Mine does.
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    Probably proximity sensor problem in the second one, could off hit answer than mute and maybe a bunch of other things on accident

    This might not be correct but I assume since your the one trying to figure it out on the forums, even though he has an iPhone 4 he isn't that tech savvy.

    Then again it could probably happen to anyone without relizing if they the proximity sensor issue,

    That being said, when I talk on the phone, it's right next to my head/ear, not laying against it
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    Are you cheating on your wife with multiple gay lovers??
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    One time when I had a blackberry I got a random call from someone. When I picked up I could hear two ladies having a conversation but they couldn't hear me. Kinda creepy
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    You'll never guess what ended up being the problem though.

    I set out to reproduce the problem on my own today, rather than simply going by his descriptions of the problem. I called his phone from another phone. It rang and recorded the call as a missed call, and I immediately started hearing rustling and his voice very very faintly. The only problem here is he was sitting in the same room not speaking.

    So what happened is he was playing with his voicemail settings, somehow recorded a few minutes of just sitting/casually conversing with someone IRL as his "custom voicemail greeting" and then left his voicemail greeting set to custom.
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    Wow. Thanks for the follow up. I wouldn't have guessed that. Now I'm trying to figure out how to use this new information for evil... :D

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