Ebay and Safari - Constant Login request!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by VST, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Sep 27, 2010
    Please Help!

    I have just purchased my new iMac having made the leap from PC. Overall I love my new machine (and the iPhone and Apple TV that accompany it...) However, in a bid to recoup some of the large outlay, I was seeking to list lots of things on eBay this weekend. However, at what appeared to be almost every other key stroke/action I was returned to the home screen and asked for my login details again, and again, and again! Clicking the 'remember me' box made no difference whatsoever. I tried forced closures of Safari, user log offs and complete system reboots, but alas to no avail. As you can imagine this provoked mega frustration and a bit of a dampener on my new iMac experience.

    Having trawled some of the forums including eBay's, it appears this problem did occur at some point in the distant past. As I only purchase my iMac on Saturday, there have been a few software updates running in the background, and I have rebooted at each occasion I was asked, but still it persists

    Consequently, does anyone have any ideas for resolution? I do not want to download a third party browser as one of the major reasons for the switch from Bills Gates software is that every Mac owner I discussed Mac with has said how reliable the system, including Safari, is.

    Other than eBay, everything else is great and I just need to adjust to the new processes, short cuts etc.
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    This isn't a problem I've ever heard of (or seen) before, but there are a few things you can try:

    1) If you haven't already, run Software Update and install anything it finds; this isn't a standard issue, but there was a Safari update a few days ago.

    2) Open Safari's preferences, go to the Security section, and make sure that under "Allow Cookies" "Never" is NOT selected--you want either "Always" or, better (and the default), "Only from sites I visit."

    3) If that doesn't work, try clearing all your cookies--go to the same Preferences section, click "Show Cookies", and "Remove All" in the panel that appears. You may have to log back in to some other sites, but if a bad eBay cookie got on there somehow that should fix it.

    4) If none of that helps, you could try doing a "reset Safari" (under the Safari menu), and check cache, cookies, names and passwords, and auto-fill text.

    5) Finally, if NONE of that helps, try downloading Firefox or Camino as a test. If the same problem happens with those browsers, it's your internet connection, not Safari. If they're fine and Safari isn't, I'm out of ideas.
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    It might make sense to remove just the ebay cookies at first. So type ebay into the search box in the panel and then remove just the ebay cookies. You can always go back and Remove All later, if needed.

    Otherwise, the suggestions seem right on target.
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    Ebay and Safari - Constant Login request!

    I too had this problem. Mine turned out to be VirusBarrier X6. I added ebay to the list or trusted cookies and it went away.

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