EBAY BLOWS (off topic, but im mad)


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Aug 15, 2006
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4:10:44 PM Leah R. Hi, welcome to eBay Live Help! My name is Leah. How may I help you today?

4:11:06 PM You hi
4:11:34 PM Leah R. Hello! How may I help you?

4:11:58 PM You i dont mean to be rude, but i would like to know how my private email, as well as other private information is made available to spoofers?
4:12:25 PM Leah R. I do apologize for this and I understand your concern about this matter.

4:12:51 PM You two days in a row on two diffrent items i have had "second chance" offers that were obviously spoofs. Yes i did report them both, but would love to have some answers about it.
4:14:50 PM Leah R. Please understand that some people are doing this at a random manner and I am unable to provide any specific answer as to how they do this.

4:15:25 PM Leah R. What I can suggest is that you may want to change the password for your email address as it seems that your email address have been obtained by a fraudulent source.

4:16:04 PM You well someone needs to provide me with an explination as to how my private personal email address is being leaked to other people. Furthermore, it was not anyother source since it was an mail from ebay, pertaining to items i had bid on through ebay.
4:19:31 PM You ?
4:19:49 PM Leah R. May I ask if you have your personal email address registered under your eBay account?

4:20:47 PM You yes i do. however when you communicate with an ebay member, that address is not made avaiable to them. They send the mail to ebay and then ebay contacts me. This is not what is happining in this case.
4:23:54 PM You ?
4:24:32 PM Leah R. I understand your concern for this.

4:24:50 PM You so direct me to someone who can give me a solution
4:25:31 PM Leah R. These "Spoofers" usually have programs that make up email addresses randomly and they send out emails to all of these email addresses.

4:26:30 PM Leah R. Some uses virus or worms to collect email addresses by stealing them from people's address books.

4:27:24 PM You no, your not understanding. It was targeted at me specifically. It ahd to do with an auction that i lost (both times). It is ebays responsibility to keep my address private as stated in the TOA. This isnt a stolen email nor a randomly generated one. It is a spcific email directed at me as a result of EBAY.
4:27:29 PM Leah R. Some are also able to do this by obtaining email addresses lists from email service providers.

4:29:09 PM Leah R. Also, if you have a current bidding item or won item, they can get the seller's email address.

4:29:58 PM You ok im nto explaining this to you again. they didnt just happen to "guess" i was bidding on that item. they knew i did, then they obtained my address from ebay. Im more than certian the university that is my email service provider is not giving away my address. Nor would they know the first palce to look if they were using this method. please direct me to someone who i can speak too
4:30:54 PM Leah R. I do apologize if this explanation doesn't fit what your situation is but these are the most possible reasons for these situations.

4:31:23 PM Leah R. If you would like to have a more detailed explanation as to how this might have happened, you may want to send an email regarding this matter to our Spoof team.

4:31:32 PM Leah R. Their email address is spoof@ebay.com


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Aug 15, 2006
sorry for the spelling mistakes i was typing fast.
the spoof email is an auto response telling me that they only accept forwards etc.

anyway, yea... anyone know a number i can call for ebay?


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Aug 27, 2006
As far as I know, eBay has no phone number. I could never find one at least.


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Jan 8, 2005
On the moon.
eBay blows chunks. Seriously.

I got banned from there because I supposedly didnt send the stuff I sold, when I did, and the buyer even got it, and then reversed the payment, and guess what! Paypal did it too! F***ING JACKASSES!!!! But when I started on there and bought a PS2, and got scammed, Paypal and eBay both washed their hands of the matter entirely.


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Feb 27, 2006
A few years ago a friend of mine (who happens to be the sports editor at a major newspaper) grew tired of eBay ignoring his very legitimate fraud claim (against an eBay member who had sold him a bogus collection of autographed baseballs).

He had tried numerous times to resolve the matter through eBay's email system (at that time, eBay didn't have live chat). He kept getting form replies and useless information.

So, one day, he actually showed up at eBay's headquarters in San Jose and demanded to speak to a company executive.

The matter was resolved to his full satisfaction within a week.

He said the best part was the look of shock on the faces of the eBay employees when he showed up.

I really admired my friend for doing that.

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Sep 19, 2002
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japanime said:
So, one day, he actually showed up at eBay's headquarters in San Jose and demanded to speak to a company executive.
Did he live near there? Or did he travel from Japan just for that purpose? :eek: