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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by rawweb, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Aug 7, 2015
    Looking to vent and maybe get some advice from some other folks.

    Just recently sold my 2014 MacBook Air on eBay, it was in perfect condition and I spent a lot of money packaging it at Federal Express and even offered free shipping on the item. The item was delivered on November 19th, now, nearly 6 days later, the buyer sends a photo with a big scratch on the display and is demanding a full return and for me to pay return shipping because the item "wasn't as described". Now it's their word against mine. My listing photo doesn't seem to show any kind of scratch on the screen...

    Quick google searching reveals eBay always sides with the buyers, so now I'm thinking I'm screwed. I called eBay, but really wasn't sure on what they told me...

    I was clear in my listing that I do not accept returns. However, as I told the buyer, if the item was damaged in shipping I would have been happy to open a claim as it was fully insured. That clearly isn't the case.

    My mind wonders..I find it ironic that the day they sent in a request also happens to be the day the apple black Friday deals were announced. Basically, the buyer could have spent about 70-80 more bucks and got a brand new MBA in box. My imagination thinks this person maliciously damaged the item as an only way to initiate a return.

    The thought of getting this unit back in worse shape than I had it sickens me. I can't believe they might get away with this. I'm currently disputing the return claim. Anyone else ever deal with something like this?
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    Aug 13, 2015
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    From what stories I've heard, electronics is the category in which screwing the buyer seems to happen most often. People seem adept at this, from situations like yours to claiming they got an empty box. If you've got a clear picture of your screen before you shipped it, that may hold some water. Also be sure to tell eBay that you offered to open up a damage claim with the shipper.

    Just look back through old threads here, you'll see many stories like yours. I hope yours turns out okay. I'm surprised eBay doesn't change their way of siding with the buyers so often. They want to attract and reassure buyers, but if sellers stop coming, there won't be much to buy.
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    Sep 24, 2014
    I'm done with eBay. I prefer to sell over kijiji/craigslist

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