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    I've posted this in a thread already on here regarding getting burnt on eBay, but if what follows helps, please feel free to get in on it all:

    I've just been on the receiving end of a real bolt out of the blue - just getting my head around it.

    Today I got a letter from Kent Police! It said that my details had come up on Interpol's computers with regards to a fraud investigation being carried out concerning eBay auctions. Bearing in mind that I was fleeced a good few months ago, it's come as very welcome news.

    My wife checked out its credentials (she used to work for Kent Police until a couple of years ago - handy, spoke to someone she knows there who confirmed that all is legit and put here through to the fraud department). I've spoken to them and an appointment will be arranged to see them just as soon as I can.

    So if any of you guys who have been burnt meet the below criteria, PM me and I will get a list together that I can present to them.

    The fraud is centralised to Austria. The listings in eBay are all "Buy it now" and are connected to various websites which, to all intents and purposes, are online stores much like the Apple Store. The items within the original listings are shown on the site to be part of their stock range at the prices
    shown in the listing, looking legitimate. I fell for an iMac 24" 2.8Ghz - they also had MacBook Pros listed.

    Such websites are:

    and there are several others. They all look similar to each other and carry roughly the same 'stock'. I've tried getting on a couple of them lately and they appear to be down.

    They have all insisted on bank transfer into Austrian accounts. In my case especially, the seller was using a hacked email account and a compromised email address. When I initially reported it to the police (local to the 'seller', in Bristol), they eventually got in touch with him and made sure that this was the case - eBay refused to comment as they have 'their own procedures' for following such things up. Needless to say, that's where it finished!

    From the research that I have thus far managed to carry out, I've got all the details with regards to the hosting of the websites etc and a huge long list of account details from Austrian banks that transactions have been made out to, scavenged from website threads like this one.

    I'm seeing the police at their earliest convenience. They haven't said I'll get my money back (haven't said I won't either) but if you've been banging your head against a wall and getting nowhere, this might be an avenue to check out. I don't want leg measurements - if you could just pass on:

    What you 'bought'
    How much
    From where (list website if one was listed)
    Also, it might be handy, if you still have them, to let me have the account details you sent your money to (I don't want any of your details, just the bit that looks like:

    Account Name: Mark Nelson
    Account number: 10210036143
    Bank Name: P.S.K.
    BLZ: 60000
    IBAN : AT706000010210036143
    Address: Wien, Austria

    <this is one of the accounts they used>

    Thanks for reading this, and if anyone feels like jumping in, feel free.

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    I'm glad to hear your case is being taken further, and hope you get justice/compensation for your loss. Good luck to you, and thanks for the information.

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