eBay: Getting spiteful feedback removed?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by adamfishercox, Dec 4, 2012.

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    Long story short, had an idiot buyer who didn't read the description and was unhappy, filed a claim against me, but closed it when he saw that my response would win. Then left me negative feedback, which is rather damaging as I am not a high-volume seller, and I now have 87.5% positive feedback, which isn't a glowing review.

    He's not explicitly violating policy, but I'd say it constitutes abuse of the feedback system. Is there any trick/number to call/ any way that anyone knows of to get eBay to be human and remove the feedback?
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    You can reply to feedback and specifically say he did not read the description carefully. People who buy on eBay and know how things work, will often look at your feedback anyway, so don't worry too much about it, just keep on selling and it'll go back up as you sell more.
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    ebay has certain policies (pretty limited) regarding what they will remove. if you have no doubt it qualifies, go through the normal process (i believe there is a form). if it may not qualify, give them a call - i have had ebay remove unreasonable feedback before. no special number, just go through the normal 'contact ebay' process. before you call, double check their "feedback left for others" tab on their feedback page - if it seems they leave a lot of negative feedback point this out to ebay (the user is a negative asset to the ebay community, etc etc).
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    Jul 8, 2011
    As a seller and buyer on Ebay for many years, I can tell you it will be extremely hard to get feedback removed. Be it good or bad. I have been a seller since 2000 and have had a similar experience. I have over 3000 feedback and got 1 neg on of all things a $10 item. Buyer did not pay for 7 days and I filed a claim against them for non payment and ended up getting neg. Well low and behold I was livid as I had sent buyer several reminders to pay to no avail. I tried everything to get it removed as it is still to this day my only neg. EBay would not do a thing for me. So I responded to the neg with the truth and carried on selling. It will disappear in 1 year anyways. As a buyer, when I see low number like yours, I will go in and check why the percentage is low. If 1 neg on a low volume seller, it will not affect my decision to buy especially if there is a response to the neg from the seller. You can try calling Ebay, unless the comment they left is vulgar or hatefull, you are going to have no luck. Just carry on selling and enjoy it. Remember, there are more horses a$$e$ in the world than there are horses.
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    I am not a high volume seller either and I value my ebay reputation VERY highly because it gives me credibility here especially when I contact Americans. I needed just recently to buy a Mac here on the forum. I tend to just give fools their money back and keep the offending article.

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