eBay "help" doesn't match the meaning of the word!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by barkmonster, Mar 12, 2009.

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    I sent this because I'd just got to the final stage of listing something on eBay and they're system won't allow me to charge the true cost for postage because the average console item (a game) has a lower average weight, therefore postage cost than the console itself!

    They're idiots and they're automated email robot is not what I'd call customer service in any sense. I sent this email after going through all their useless automated answers and got those very same automated answers in response:-

    All I got was this worthless automated response:-

    If anyone's interested in precisely what I'm selling that's not £5 in postage like eBay's worthless system allows me, here's a photo. It's one of those classic early '90s consoles that most people into that kind of thing are emulating with MAME these days.

    I have 3 weeks to get the cash together for a Mac Mini that's about 18 months old. This is my only way of doing it and it's really frustrating that lazy but enormous companies that are otherwise a great help in situations like this are trying to screw you out of everything they can while being no help at all when you've got a valid question.

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    Make sure you listed it under systems and not video games. The reason they started capping shipping is because people were using it to bypass fees.

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