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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ravenvii, Mar 25, 2005.

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    Mar 17, 2004
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    On the PC, eBay makes an app called Turbo Lister which enables you to do all your listings within the program, and bypass the clunky and slow eBay web interface. eBay doesn't make the app for OS X, but there's several apps out there, GarageSale, iSale and eList are some I know of. Anyone use any app like that? Any recommendations?
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    Mar 18, 2005
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    I'm curious about this too. Let us know if anyone has any recommondations for us.
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    AFAIK there are no free listing apps and i should know because i've spend ages looking for one :rolleyes:

    there is a program called Garagesale but i've heard many different oppinions on this one (i haven't used it yet since $30 is too much for me)

    otherwise search on versiontracker. there are a few other shareware options.
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    Apr 7, 2005
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    I've just been looking into this very thing. I have tried and tried to find anyone that will compare the various programmes available, but have failed miserably. Thus, I've depended on ratings and very tiny thoughts on the products available in order to attempt a choice.

    And that choice definitely falls to either iSale or GarageSale.

    One of the BEST things that GarageSale offers is the ability to automatically put pictures you use for your ebay sales into your web server. Another bonus is that GarageSale is able to show you what listing options will incur extra fees which is something that I don't think iSale does. GarageSale also allows for a better preview of what your auction will look like when it is on the ebay server.

    However, the thing that iSale has going for it is the fact that the user interface is A LOT better than the GarageSale one. iSale just seems to feel more "mac"y. If looks are important for you and you don't mind spending a few extra pence for having ebay host your photos or have a .mac account to use, this seems more the app for you. Many people have complained that GarageSale is dubious for adding a text into your auction saying you used GarageSale to make the auction. This is easily removable in the preferences panel, but iSale doesn't have it to begin with.

    Overall, they do a lot of the same things. It seems to me that the iSale programme supports after-auction aspects more than GarageSale does. iSale has a very cool feature now, in its latest 1.5 edition, which allows the auctioneer to gather the information of buyer in a completed auction with one button click. I have yet to try this feature, however.

    Overall, after having had both programmes for many days, I've yet to be able to decide which one is best. They are by far the best out of any programmes available, but between the two it is too hard to make a definite recommendation. It would be best to try out each as they both offer demos that allow for you to post 3 auctions for free :) They are the same price, so price should not be a factor in deciding. Individual needs vary and you may find that one fits what you require while the other doesn't.
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    Apr 7, 2005
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    UPDATE: After having tried out two auctions...I've found both apps to be equally frustrating, however not as frustrating as doing the auction through the ebay browser would be.

    GarageSale has a problem with posting all of my pictures. I have no idea why and I can't get it to fix itself... :( Also, the UI for GarageSale is just killing me to pieces. It sucks. Hands down, that's all that there is to be said. You just cannot follow auctions with the same flow that you can in iSale. Also, GarageSale couldn't even get it right enough in my auction to get their stupid little footer into it.

    That said, though, iSale is equally problematic. Since there is no FTP service, I was forced to use my .Mac account in order to post my pictures. Now all my pictures in the albums I have on my .Mac account are messed up :( I think there may be some compatability issues between me formatting my albums through the .Mac website and this just uploading as it pleases. What's more is that I want to tell people I can ship from the UK to anywhere in the world, however I would like them to email me to figure out what that shipping rate should be (as it can vary immensely). iSale seems to take issue with this desire. It will not let me post that I want to ship worldwide without making me tell how much I want people to pay.

    Of course, despite this frustration, I am going to try to figure out which one I want to use still because...well, anything is better than doing ebay listings through the ebay web browser...Heck, I'd rather auction this stuff off in a personal auction at my school than have to go through ebay!

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