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    Hi Everybody,

    Why do many cell phone/electronic sellers on eBay list their items as private? I've heard that this is so 3rd parties can't see who is bidding or bought devices and contact them with other offers. However, it makes it hard to truly evaluate the feedback.

    For example, this vendor has sold 22 iPhone 4S' recently but I can't see the feedback for any of them since all the auctions are private. Other than that, everything looks really reputable. What do you think?

    Also, no need to flame on the buying a 4S with the new iPhone right around the corner; we all know.

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    I know of a few people that make things private so that they can scam the system into thinking they have sold and shipped more than they actually have. I know of one person personally who lists items with a reserve and then bids it up to increase the price using a different email/username/address. If he accidentally wins, he "buys" it and then gives himself feedback. If I were you, I would try to buy from a seller that doesn't make anything private.

    And the pictures look like it's a legitimate iPhone but I am always wary of electronics being sold that do not have pictures of the device not working. I also wonder about the use of "iPhone 4 4S Black 16GB VERIZON Smartphone cellphone." Unless of course this is to get his stuff brought up on searches, it seems strange. And is the phone unlocked? If not and you're going to be stuck in a contract, why would you pay more through eBay than through Verizon?

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