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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by briantology, Mar 6, 2007.

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    I'm not quite sure where to post this, but I figured the people on MacRumors could give me a hand. I'm selling my Mac Pro on eBay, and I originally was going to ship to the US and Canada, but then I just decided to go with the US only because I thought if I had to ship to Canada, there would be a lot of extra stuff to deal with (like currency, shipping details, etc.). I don't actually know what has to be done additionally when shipping to Canada, so can anyone tell me how easy/hard it would be of if I should ship there or not? Thanks.
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    It's easy enough for the shipper: You choose your courier, tell them you are shipping to Canada. you fill out one green customs form that declares what is inside the package (some couriers will have this incorporated into their waybill), and it is a good idea to print out three copies of the receipt, mark on them "commercial invoice copy" and put these in an envelope taped to the outside of the box, marked "invoice documents"

    Get shipping quotes first, based on both the weight and the cubic dimensions of the finished parcel.

    A few Do's
    Do use USPS Global Express (EMS) service for light parcels, it is trackable and insurable, and the Post Office clears customs for $8 instead of $30 - $60 brokerage that a courier will charge. For heavier parcels, look into USPS parcel services that have tracking and insurance and delivery confirmation.

    Do declare the actual value and contents, including the country of manufacture of the goods.

    Do require a signature on delivery and insurance. Do not ship without both.

    Pack the goods in the original boxes with the original foam inserts if you can. Couriers can deny damage claims if they judge it was inadequately packaged. This is especially true of G4, G5 and MacPro towers, unless they are in the original foam inserts, you can be guaranteed that the lower "handles" (feet) will be smashed and bent because they will bear all the weight and impact.

    Do open the machine if it is a Desktop and verify that all screws are in place and that all drives are securely anchored. Remember that hard drive you put in, and told yourself that you'd get around to installing the mounting screws someday? It can do horrendous damage inside the machine if it is shipped un-secured.

    A few Don'ts
    Don't ship UPS Standard (ground) - your shipping cost is cheap, but the buyers will be #^$&ed with the UPS brokerage charges at this end - not unusual to have $35 - 60 or more in additional charges on packages over CAN$100 value.

    Don't declare an inflated value for shipping insurance, hoping to get a windfall profit if the package is lost. Your buyer will have to pay tax, duty and brokerage on the inflated value, and will curse you and your children and your children's children.

    Don't lead your buyer to believe that there will be no taxes or extra charges. They will be charged Federal, Provincial tax, brokerage and possibly duties at the border. All in addition to the shipping.

    Package the goods well, but don't use gigantoid boxes, you will be charged extra shipping if the size of the box is excessive.

    Don't leave CDs in the drives, don't leave accessories like power supplies loose to bang around inside the box.


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