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    Echo – a new way of dating and communication!

    Echo is a communication app which uses an active connection to the internet to send out short voice messages anonymously to random users with opposite gender. At the same time you receive voice answers from other Echo users. If you like what you hear and would like to know your counterpart better you can add her or him to your favorites and start voice messaging directly. In that way you can feel and especially hear every emotion just right from the beginning.

    To not disclose everything from the beginning the short voice messages are sent completely anonymously.

    You can download the app immediately for free: Apple App Store - Echo

    1. Register and provide your age, your gender and choose your preferred language (no login required)
    2. After successful registration the recording-screen appears
    3. Tap and hold the red microphone - a countdown over 5 seconds starts
    4. While the countdown is running say some words like "Hi, my name is... and I would like to talk!" or "Who want to chat with me?", tell your phone number or everything you are in the mood to say :)
    5. Release the red microphone, or wait until the countdown ends
    6. Now your message will be sent automatically to a random user with the following criteria:
    • Nearly the same age (+- 5 years)
    • Opposite gender
    • Same language/country
    7. On exchange you'll get a voice message from another random person
    8. If you like what you hear, add the person to your favorites and start voicing as long as you want!

    Difference to other apps:
    In contrast to traditional communications apps you don’t have to write a smilie for your current mood, but instead you can express your emotions, feelings and thought hearable right away and tell it to your counterpart. It doesn’t matter how you want to express yourself, if you want to be cool, sexy, loud, quite, interested, questioning, critical, nervous, excited, spontaneous or many many more!

    For better visualization we have also a promotional video for you:

    We are looking forward for you feedback, your questions and thoughts!

    The app already works flawless, but most of the features are still in development – every suggestion or idea is welcomed with pleasure ;)!

    If you want to know more just visit, write or follow us:

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    lol. thats interesting. I may dl that.

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