EcoBee acting 'wonky' with Siri

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  1. Julien, Jul 11, 2017
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    Since a couple of days ago my EcoBee has started doing inconsistent actions when using Siri. I keep it set System to Cool only (summer). For instance I can be coming home and it will be set to Cool (not Auto) and away at 83º and I can tell Siri to set to 78º. When I get home it will have switched the System from Cool to Auto (showing the heat point too) and the Cool may be set to 81º but NOT to 78º. I could then tell Siri to set to 75º and it may set to 77º. I can manually switch it back to Cool only at 78º and then tell Siri to set to 79º and it will always go back into to Auto (heat and cool) mode and it may be set to 75º

    Has there been a recent EcoBee update that may be buggy? Are other seeing inconsistent behavior with Siri?

    Also the I change manually the little box says "xxº until [next schedule time]" but with Siri it just say "xxº and Holding".

    EDIT: Have found that this is a iOS & tvOS beta problem. It works fine on an iPad running 10.3. Thought that since it just started a few days ago and was happening on my iPhone, iPad Pro and :apple:TV that it was the EcoBee.
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    Ecobee Homekit Integration simply is not very good at all. Better to stick to Ecobee's own app for control IMO (and yes that means giving up voice control). The problem you describe has been described on many forums with people saying they get no solution from Ecobee support

    Check out this thread if you care to read some of my thoughts on the subject of Ecobee and HomeKit
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    My take on why this is happening is that sometimes the Home app will show me "cooling to 72" say and what it really means is that it is in auto mode, cooling, and the average between the cool point and the heat point is 72. I'm surprised (well not really) that it is switching the mode. I also just use HomeKit for monitoring what its doing. Any changes go through the app.
  4. Feenician macrumors 601


    Jun 13, 2016
    Thanks. That makes sense to me as an explanation for the behavior. I can’t imagine it’s what anyone would actually want though.

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