EDGE = Fewer Dropped Calls Than My 3G Phone


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Jun 5, 2007
My experience with Cingular/AT&T and 3G vs. EDGE only phones...

Network: Cingular (2004-Present)

Razr (1st Gen) & Nokia E62
NO 3G, NO dropped calls

Cingular 8525
CONSTANT dropped calls outside and at home
Issue: When the networked switched between 3G and EDGE, the call dropped.

iPhone (1st Gen)
FEW dropped calls. NO dropped calls at home.
The calls only drop when I am at a certain corner on the way to work every day. But I am able to pick the call right back up.

So maybe EDGE is a good thing for CALLS. What do you think?


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Jul 15, 2007
I have actually experienced the opposite problem. When I have had at&t phone using the edge network I constantly get dropped calls. This also applies to a few friends of mine, my wife, my Mom and my Sister who all have edge phones. Before I purchased a Samsung Blackjack I constantly had dropped calls on my treo 650, an edge phone. My Blackjack, which is 3G, literally has the best reception on any phone I have ever owned. I have never had a dropped call on it. I also own an iPhone which I have had no problems with either. I am starting to believe that it's not a matter of having edge or 3G but the quality of the phone itself. Another factor could be how good at&t reception is in your area.


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Jul 12, 2007
EDGE has nothing to do with a voice call. Voice doesn't use EDGE, that's for data. Voice is plain jane vanilla GSM.


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Jul 19, 2007
my experiences are along the lines of the OP.

my razr was awesome, always had service and never dropped calls. i bought it the first day they came out. this phone rocked, i wouldn't have left it if the keyboard didn't die after three years.

my blackjack was a steaming pile of you-know-what, it never had service and ALWAYS dropped calls. like four or five times every day i had it. i exchanged it for a new one under warranty, and it did the same thing. for the first three months i owned it, i seriously thought E meant there was an error with the 3G network, cause whenever it switched from 3G to E, it dropped my call. and believe me, it did this constantly, just sitting in my office it would flit back and forth between the two dozens of times every day. hands down the worst phone i've ever owned. thankfully during my last trip to new orleans, someone stole it. i took this as a sign from above..

my iPhone has been awesome. i have like one dropped call a week, which i can live with. the E may not be as fast as 3G, but 90% of my life is spent in front of either my home computer or my work computer and then it's on wifi anyways! woot! only problem is now that my wife has seen mine she wants one too.