EdgeCase - Cursor-bounding screen edges for your OS X multiple monitors.

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    pkamb macrumors newbie

    Dec 19, 2011
    EdgeCase, on the Mac App Store:


    EdgeCase is an app I made to solve an annoyance I've always had with multiple monitors in OS X.

    I'm a heavy hotcorner user. For me, bottom-left is "Show Desktop", top-right is "All Windows Exposé".

    But with multiple monitors, hotcorners fall apart. Throw your mouse towards the corner and it falls into your secondary laptop screen rather than going where you want.

    That's where EdgeCase comes in. The app creates cursor-stopping edges between your multiple monitors. Your mouse will travel along the edge to the hotcorner, rather than crossing into the secondary monitor.

    When you do want to switch screens, you can do so using several crossing shortcuts:
    - Bounce on the screen edge
    - Wait 1/2 second
    - Hold a hotkey
    - Cross when dragging

    Advanced Options:
    - Bring up the screen edges only when you hold a hotkey.
    - Screen edges only on your main (menu bar) screen.


    Interested to know what the folks of MacRumors think. Any hotcorner users here? Ever have this problem?

    Another popular use case for the app is to assist with clamshell mode. Sometimes OS X continues to "see" your laptop, even with the lid is closed. EdgeCase ensures your mouse will never get lost on this dead display.

    This is my official topic for the app, per the forum rules.
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    "Between the Hedges"
    I like the concept and checked the app store for more info as well
    I think it would be something I would probably use

    But... it seems a little pricey to me :eek:
  3. pkamb thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 19, 2011
    As an independent developer writing utilities for Mac setup nerds... let's just say I'm not going to sell millions of copies :)

    So I go for the "price of a pint of IPA" price point rather than Free or $0.99.

    You get a useful, simple app, and it helps me break even on whole thing. Cheers!

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