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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Nitrocide, May 2, 2008.

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    I use an edirol fa-101 which i love most of the time (it does have its "quirks").

    One of these quirks though confuses me greatly and i was wondering if anyone knew of a fix or even a reason.

    When i have my fa-101 connected audio plays fine in OS X in any application, but i have found that if i try to play a game (Unreal Tournament 2004 for example) audio ceases to exist. Sound does work however if i unplug the FA-101 and have it playing through the system speakers, though this is not an enjoyable experience!

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    I have an FA-66, basically the little bro of your unit. Yes, it has some quirks and no I am not a gamer so I haven't had your experience. It sounds like the FA-101 sets itself up as the System Sound module when it is plugged in. This is good because you can be confident that the problem is somewhere in this signal path. I've occasionally had Eye-TV "forget" the FA-66 is there, and with the system sound set to the FA-66 there has been no sound until I've either switched off the edirol (for internal sound) or restarted Eye-TV (to get the edirol). Your problem sounds more consistent than this sporadic problem, however.

    Spin Doctor just gets confused by the FA-66 and maps the inputs all wrong - something like this may be more your problem. Does Unreal let you set the audio device? I'm just wondering in midi-set up (Utilities) if you could cook up hybrid interface (I know I've done one for using internal and audio and the FA-66) where you could have more control over the routing of the audio to make sure it was going somewhere with speakers attached. On that note, could the audio be going somewhere funny, like the spdif digit out, or a couple of spare analogue channels you don't have hooked up? Beyond these ideas (which you've probably already considered) Unreal just might not get along with the edirol. Do you know if it works with any external box?

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