Edit Google Docs on the iPhone?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by aaquib, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Is there a way I can do more than just simply view my Google Docs files? I'd like to be able to edit them on the iPhone as well. I know this isn't possible through the Google site, but are there any apps that allow you to do so?
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    If they're .doc files you could try NoteMaster. It syncs with Google Docs but has limited formating options. Here's what they say on syncing docs:

    When converting from a NoteMaster note to a Google Docs™ document, all note text, images and formatting is preserved and the document should look nearly identical to the note.

    This is not the case when converting the other direction. Since documents in the Google Docs™ program contain features, styles, and formatting options not available in NoteMaster, NoteMaster will do its best to convert the documents into a format closest to one it can use. There may, however be some loss of formatting during this conversion. As long as you stick with the elements that NoteMaster can understand (paragraphs, headers, images) you should be able to convert a document to a note completely intact.
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    Are you sure? You need an account and go with iPhone Safari to m.google.com/docs

    Google Documents Help:

    Text editing

    Spreadsheets (I tested that—it works), lots of templates


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