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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by illegalprelude, Apr 22, 2011.

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    Hey everybody, I'm curious if anybody knows of any programs on the Mac that can edit 3D video. I know iMovie is a no go and I'm doubtful that the FCX will support it, seeing how we barely support Blu-ray as it is :mad:

    I'm open to all programs and price ranges, though for my own personal need, I'm not talking shooting with an EPIC RED or something, more consumer, $1,500 camera's which really are just filmed in 3D (not giving you actual control like Pro camera's).

    Reason I say is, I would love to transition to that format or offer the option, even if it means saving the 3D footage for now on a server and eventually getting back to it (that is if the camera hopefully shoots in both formats at the same time...)

    So any thoughts would be awesome.
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    I believe both the current versions of Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro can edit 3D.

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    The current FCS can edit 3D with the Dashwood stereo 3d toolkit plugin!
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    Ohh, Good call about Adobe Premiere Pro. It certainly can and seems the most price friendly option.

    Sweet mother, $1,500 plugin! :eek:

    What are people's thoughts on Sony Vegas Pro? I could run either parallels or bootcamp and my iMac more then fits the bill for these programs (27" iMac 2.93 i7, 12GB of Ram, 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5750)

    Seems like a much cheaper avenue? Though I can probably find a good deal on Adobe Premiere Pro

    For both the pro's and consumers who are thinking about 3D, here is a great video from Adobe:
  5. sonicoliver, Feb 28, 2012
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    I'm about to buy my first 3D camera too, it's the Fujifilm "FinePix" W3...

    I figure you could edit in imovie, that is to export the footage either top and tail, or a side by side format as your movie files, edit them in imovie as a custom sized movie, then re-convert them back to a 3D format after you get the edited footage out of iMovie.

    It's a big of a rigmarole, and unless you have ample storage will be hit by double compression, but it is technically possible.

    I just want Apple to support the formats natively, and maybe throw in a new retina iMac with 3D display? That would be the penultimate...

    *sigh*, until then :)

    EDIT This guy has a solution for mac, it's pretty much as I described above: http://www.videoregeneration.com/edit-3d-video-with-a-mac/

    And this guy posted a tutorial, it's specific to the W3, but the application he uses looks like it could be used for many new cameras...


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