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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by -igor, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Hello, I ripped a something from dvd using handbrake into an mp4 file. I want to be able to cut a part of it out and then export it in order to burn it on a dvd. final cut pro doesn't seem to support it, it just errors whenever I try to import it. I got it to work in iMovie but it exported to a ".dv" file, which somehow stretched the image. then I imported the dv file into final cut and exported it as a quicktime file and it stretched it even more! what is going on here???
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    First, don't use Handbrake for this type of job. MPEG-4 isn't designed to be an editing codec; it IS designed to be a delivery format. Also, you'll be taking a large quality hit by converting the VOB files to MPEG-4 and then converting them again into whatever format you edit with.

    Instead, use MEPG Streamclip or DVDxDV to convert the DVD's VOB files into an editable format that matches your FCP Sequence settings. Either will work with non-copyrighted material.

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    Yes, did you not even look at MPEG streamclip? It is a free utility that will do exactly what you were asking for.

    And BTW, you don't want to edit mp4's (too much compression). When you compress DVDs, just go straight to the DV codec.

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