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    Feb 27, 2010
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    I recently bought a couple of ringtones directly on my iphone. They work great on my phone, but I would like to edit one of them on my macbook pro, like you can when you buy and creat a ringtone the "old-fashioned" way thru itunes. When I click on the ringtone in itunes on my macbook pro, itunes won't even let me play it, saying that i must first authorize this computer. After doing that, it tells me that this computer is already authorized, yet it won't play the ringtone. It keeps doing this over and over! Arghh! One would think that, since i bought this ringtone fair and square, i would be able to edit it however i wish. this is splitting hairs, i know, but when i want to hear Stu's Song from the hangover, i want it to go straight to the lyric and skip all that piano intro! (beause i'm childish like that!) :) thanks for any help!!
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    I assume you deauthorized the computer before authorizing it?

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