Resolved Edits in Apple Photos will not upload (Error Downloading Photo message)

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Mar 9, 2017
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Here are the steps:

I take a picture on my iPhone, Open my Mac, It downloads fine.
I click Edit on the photo, make my Edits (cropping, etc.) then click Done.
In the corner of the photo, a circle with an exclamation mark appears.
Clicking on this says "Error Downloading Photo"
My photo will now no longer sync with iCloud (unless I press "Revert To Original")

This has only started recently, and I have plenty of storage space on my Macbook Pro and iCloud, so that is not an issue.

Any advice?

ISSUE RESOLVED: I recently switched on 'Photos Capture Outside the Frame' on my phone. This seemed to have introduced a bug of some kind. Switching it off has fixed the issue. It has also fixed an issue where Affinity Plugins were not loading properly.
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