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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by JPizzzle, Mar 27, 2013.

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    Hey guys,
    So i'm in the process of configuring a macbook pro retina, and noticed that the 768gb option is $330 more than the 512. I primarily will be using the computer for photography work and gaming. In terms of photography I shoot completely in raw with a sony rx1, so the files do add up. I currently have the 256gb ssd on the air and its 10gb away from being filled. For my purposes, a worthwhile upgrade or is it still to overpriced for this drive??


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    As with most Apple options, it is overpriced. But the 768 is a samsung drive, unlike the 512 sandisk, if that matters.

    If you want to be completely portable and have the most HD space without lugging an external drive, you have no choice. The most cost effective is to augment the bare necessity of internal drive with one or more portable USB drives (1TB for $100).

    The rMBP also has a SD card slot, 128GB SD cards are starting to be available for reasonable money, 256GB may be on the horizon. If you don't like the card sticking out, there are micro adapters and cards up to 64GB available that fit flush.
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    Are all the 512's sandisk, even after the feb 13 revisions?
  5. swerve147, Mar 27, 2013
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    If you can afford an RX1 you can certainly afford the 768. But anyway to put things in perspective a good 256gb ssd + thunderbolt enclosure would be around the same amount (~$300) plus it would be slower so I would think to have it internal instead (and faster to boot) would be worth it.
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    w a nice external. I personally see no point in storing stuff on a laptop that will be accessed once or twice a year.

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