Price Advice Education discount on AppleCare+ for iPad Pro?


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Mar 13, 2013
Looking to purchase AppleCare+ for my iPad Pro 11” I bought last week and was wondering how to get my student discount on the plan. I’ve done this before in the past and it was always easy to do but now I can’t seem to get the educational price to come up for the plan when checking out. I verified my UniDays account as well and still nothing.

Can anyone help me out? It would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


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Jun 2, 2013
Costa Rica
Last month I bought through the Apple On-line Veteran Store the new iPod Touch 7th Generation at a discount. i did not add Apple Care+ to this order, however, last week I decided to purchase the Apple Care+ but it was only available at the regular price. Appears that you must add Apple Care+ on the same order that you bought your iPad Pro in order to receive the discounted price.