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    Kitty words:Kitty Words for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    Kitty Words = Fun words learning game for kids, in both English and Chinese :)

    Kitty Words is a educational game that helps your child learn words by combining word recognition, vocabulary and spelling in a fun and engaging manner.


    * Combines English and Chinese words learning in one game

    * Fun cartoon animals, interesting scenery and amusing sound effects keep your kids engaged

    * Learning mode entertains your child for hours as they navigate through different scenes while learning new words

    * Quiz mode helps your child to reinforce the learning by rewarding him/her for correctly associating words and pictures

    * Easy navigation to other scenes whenever your child wants to explore a new scene

    * Your child can learn and play at their own pace by skipping to other scenes at any time in the game

    Kitty Words will provide unlimited enjoyment for your child by showing them that learning is interesting and rewarding, but mostly fun!

    Download Kitty Words and watch how quickly your child learns new words!

    Have questions? We are here to help. Email us at

    Educate Kids by Game!

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    just hope you like it

    am grateful if you like it, I appreciate for your support on it.:)

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