Educational Pricing on Multiple AppleCare

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    Jul 26, 2015
    Educational Pricing on Multiple AppleCare

    With the announcement of this year's back to school sale, I'm preparing to back some new macbooks.

    I'm considering buying a Macbook Air for my wife and a Macbook Pro for myself.

    I plan on using the educational discount and Back To School Promotion for the Macbook Pro since the discount is higher.

    But I would like to ask if it is possible to get the educational discount for AppleCare on both laptops?

    I could not find any clarification on the Sales and Policies webpage on the Apple site on this matter.

    Wondering if anyone had any insight to this situation? Thanks
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    deep diver

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    I am pretty sure that Apple does not discount AppleCare. You can call the Education Sales department to find out for sure.
  3. macs4nw, Jul 26, 2015
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    As far as the educational discount is concerned, if both laptops are purchased under the educational plan, you can definitely get the edu discount on the AppleCare for both laptops, which on the MBA is $183 vs $249 in the regular store, and on the MBP $183-$239 edu vs $249-$349 regular, the latter ranges for 13" and 15" respectively.

    Although the discount is limited to one laptop per year and one desktop per year, etc., if your wife also qualifies, you could obviously buy one for each of you with the discount. If that is not the case, see my point below.

    The refurb store is definitely worth checking out. No 'Back to School' promos here, but that will be more than off-set by the higher discounts. Excellent deals on as good as new, pre-owned equipment, with the same warranty and return privileges as new equipment. You will be hard-pressed to find any flaws or imperfections compared to new equipment, and all units have undergone a rigorous inspection process before being shipped out. Also, if you specifically ask for it, you can even get the edu disc on AppleCare for laptops (or desktops) when you purchase from the refurb store.

    How do I know this? I purchase a lot of my stuff from the refurb store, and have received the edu discount for the AppleCare. I urge you to check this out for yourself, you will not regret it. Best of Luck!
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    I got the educational discount when I bought my MBP in late-2013. I waited a year to buy it and still got the discount. (My wife works at a qualifying university.)
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    Shop around. My business partner just shipped his daughter off to university last week with a new MBA, he wanted AC for it. $180 at B&H today including expedited shipping - plus no haggling, tax, or shipping charges - for the Air and 13" MBP, and Amazon should match that price.

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