*Eek help!* Open a .pages file without Pages, or possibly convert to .doc(x)?!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by 0000757, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Dec 16, 2011
    So one of my partner's in my group English project send me a file that I need in order to make our project finished (It's a few articles for a mock newspaper about Romeo and Juliet for my Freshman English Honors class). HOWEVER, she sent me the document in a .pages format. I don't have Pages, and I don't want to buy it (or resort to less legit methods) just to open the document so I can copy and paste the information into Word. Word can't open the .pages file, either. Is it

    1) Possible to convert the .pages to a readable file?

    2) If no to #1, can I open the .pages on Pages for iOS, then re-save it to a Word document?
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    Dec 16, 2011
    Is that really my only choice? It's such a pain to install crap though.
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    It's bog easy to install, easy to uninstall too.
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    Ask your partner to export the document in a format you can use and resend it to you. Pages will export to PDF, Word doc, rtf, plain text or epub.

    File Menu -> Export -> make choice and save.
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    If you are really really desperate.....

    Right Click on the .pages files - then click on the Open Package (or Show package contents, or something like that)....

    Then open the file with the .gz file format. Just clicking on it should open it.... at least it does for me. Now it is an .xml format. Maybe you can work with that.

    Or you can install the Pages trial.
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    Dec 16, 2011
    Thanks everyone! I got it! I really didn't want to have to go download a trial of Pages JUST to open this document, but I got it through iCloud.
  9. bentoons Guest

    .pages files are made with Apple's Pages program. The person who saved this file can also save it as .PDF & other more compatible formats.

    However, if you have a program like 7-Zip http://www.7-zip.org there is a simple way to harvest the .PDF view of their .pages file.

    1. Save the .pages file to your desktop (or another location that you can find it)
    2. RIGHT-CLICK on the file, if 7-Zip is installed, you'll see 7-zip with a right arrow giving you more options; choose either: "Extract Here"
    3. In seconds, you'll see more files on your desk, click on the folder that says "Quick View"
    4. Inside Quick View, you'll see a .PDF file which displays their .pages file in an adobe reader format which is available free http://www.adobe.com/reader, if your computer didn't come with it preinstalled.

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