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    Effect Stack
    Mac OS
    Effect Stack lets you combine and apply a variety of image filters to multiple images at a time, without harming the original data.
    It offers extensive library of adjustable filters that can be stacked, reordered and saved as presets for later use.

    The filters' effects ripple downward through the stack, changing the current state of the selected image(s).
    Filters can be previewed and adjusted individually before being added to the current stack. All changes are reversible and visible immediately.
    It is possible to work on multiple images at a time and the application supports many image formats, including RAW images.


    * Simple, intuitive filter chaining interface
    * A variety of image filters
    * All changes can be undone at any time, while leaving the original image untouched
    * Multiple edits
    * GPU-supported realtime rendering
    * Support for various image formats, including RAW
    * Social media integration
    * Fullscreen mode, Retina ready


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    Effect Stack For Mac updated to 1.0.3.

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