EFI and AHCI compatibility

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    Feb 14, 2013
    I have done some research here, but most posts about this subject are old.

    The issue I am having is related to the use of two AHCI controllers, one on PCIe #2 and the other on PCIe #3.

    #2 = OS-X boot SSD
    #3 = Win 7 boot SSD

    Sometimes booting on #3 via option key works, sometimes it doesn't. I am not sure why it boots perfectly fine in #2 all the time, but not all the time in #3.

    Is there any known issue in the current EFI version (Mac Pro 5,1) not being stable on this kind of setup? The AHCI controllers are Apricorn x2 boards. The SSDs are Samsung 840 Pro.

    I found out that windows will boot fine only when I choose to shut off the computer via OS-X first. If I choose restart instead, in OS-X, and try to boot in Win using the option key as usual, it doesn't work. I have noticed that when shutting down via OS-X, the white EFI screen that follows shows the spinning gear wheel before the computer turns off. Does OS-X write anything on the EFI when it is shutting down the computer? Windows always boots fine after this. Otherwise all I get is a black screen after choosing Windows via option key during boot.
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    There are probably other probable causes but did you try resetting PRAM and SMC? For the SMC reset add a step where to press and hold the power button for 6 or 8 seconds after you have unplugged it - while it's still unplugged I mean).
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    Feb 14, 2013
    I just tried all that but it didn't work. I am forced to completely shut down the computer via OS-X in order to be able to boot in Windows via option key. When it works, I see the 2 AHCI Apricorn posts on the screen, and Win 7 loads normally. When it doesn't work, those cards don't post, and the screen stays black forever.

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